Soft pinks & Gold flakes

These beautifully handcrafted wax seal stamps have gold flakes garnished on the surface, to give your stationery, cards and letters that extra something something! This particular seal is a curation of soft pastel pinks, coral and a touch of purple and white to complement your art and crafts needs.

Wax seals are pre-made and has an adhesive, so all you have to do it peel, align and stick onto your surface!

10 seals in each packet. This is a love heart stamp design, with gold flakes pressed on the surface.


As this product is handmade, each item may differ slightly and may have slight imperfections.

We have a wide range of different wax colours and blends available! If you would like a bespoke accented wax seal or colour palette, please contact us for a personalised order!


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